Take care of Lofoten

The Arctic Triple has a major focus on sustainability in all aspects of our operations. We want to do everything we can to make the most environmentally friendly races in the world.

Sustainable trails:

Our races run through many trails in Lofoten and therefore we have initialized the sustainable trail project “Lofotstien”. This project will maintain and build sustainable trails for different activities in Lofoten. The two “pilot trails” in this project are Reinebringen in Moskenes and Djevelporten/Fløya in Vågan. A group of Sherpas from Nepal and locals from our community have been working with both trails with great results. See photos below.

In cooperation with Sparebank1 Nord-Norge and #Samfunnsløftet a fundraising campaign has been launched to collect money for finishing the two “pilot trails”. When these trails are finished, new trails will be selected and maintained in the coming years. Lofotstien is a long term project working for sustainable trails in Lofoten.

You can contribute by supporting the fundraising campaign here!
All contributions are highly appreciated 😊

The Arctic Triple aims to contribute to this work in different ways, both financially and with physical work. From 2021, when we hopefully get through the corona crisis, we will donate a percentage of the registration fees to the sustainable trails project “Lofotstien”. In this way we sustain the beauty of Lofoten for the next generations.

Full support:

We offer full support to our athletes during the races. There is no need for private support and that way the roads are less crowded and safer for the athletes and crew. Having hundreds of support cars on the roads does not sound right for the narrow roads in Lofoten. We also offer transport by bus to the starting points of the race distances that does not start in Svolvær (Lofoten Ultra-Trail, Lofoten Skimo and Lofoten Swimrun) as well as supporter packages for the 100 miles distance during Lofoten Ultra-Trail.

Removable flags:

The route for the races are marked with removable flags. We also actively try not to produce any unnecessary items that most likely will end up as trash or in the back of a closet.


We strive to maximise use of digital solutions and minimize use of printed paper: maps, manuals etc.

Waste management:

We are lucky to be able to race in the amazing and wild nature of the Lofoten islands, and for this to continue we need to take care. It is under no circumstances allowed to throw any trash along the different parts of the courses. Athletes must only throw waste at Service Points and we have cut the use of plastic to a minimum. From 2021 we will not offer plastic cups at the aid stations. All athletes must bring their own cup or bottle for refill.

Leave nothing but a “Thank you” behind.

Top Photo: @hikingwithgoats

Photo: @hikingwithgoats

Photo: @knashoug