Program – Lofoten Ultra-Trail

Registration opens at Intersport Svolvær Tuesday 12.00


1900      Prerace briefing 100 miles

Friday – Race Day 100 Miles

0730      Hand in special need bags at drop off point
0800      Bus transport from Svolvær to Reine
1030      Arrival at Reine
1100      Boat ride from Reine to Kirkefjorden (starting line)
1200      Start 100 Miles!
1300      Return boat ride to Reine for supporters and crew
1400      Return bus transport from Reine to Svolvær

1900    Prerace briefing 50 miles


0730    50 Miles – Bus transport from Svolvær to Lofotr Viking Museum at Borg
0830    Arrival at Lofotr
Hand in special need bag at start point
0900    Start 50 Miles
0930    Start 50 Miles RELAY
1100    48KM – Bus transport from Svolvær to Viking Camp at Torvdalshalsen
1200    Arrival at Torvdalshalsen
Hand in special need bag at start point
1300    Start 48KM
1430    Transport from Svolvær to the starting line at Barstrand fishery at Gimsøy
1500    Registration opens at the fishery (for those who have not yet registered)
1600    Start 24 KM
1700    Start 12 KM

Sunday – Fame and glory!

1100     Finishers and winners ceremony

Please make note that changes might occur.